To make you up or engage in activities linking to books and stories.

To fire up your imaginations, and get you totally involved in what you are doing.

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We have romance stories, suspense stories and horror stories for paid membership.

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Why Short Stories?

When you read a story …… or make them up…… or engage in activities related to books and stories, it stimulates your imagination and keeps you fully engaged in what you are doing.


There are three different categories. They are love stories, suspense stories, and suspense stories. Just choose the one you are interested in. Enjoy yourself.

Love Stories

Let’s experience those sweet or sour or bitter love together


Suspense Stories

Unexpected endings always make people want to stop but can’t


Horror Stories

Hiding under the covers and reading horror stories will give us a fascinating experience of goosebumps

About me

Hi, I'm Fabio Fontai, the meditation coach

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